In September of 2021, the Chinese government banned crypto and kicked cryptominers out of the country.

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, swung the saloon doors wide open and invited the industry to make our state their new Wild West playground.  And they came.

The industry enjoys sweetheart deeply discounted energy rates well below the average consumer.  They get tax exemptions, property abatements and wriggle out of their community responsibilities under the guise of “economic development”

But Texans know better.  We’ve seen our energy bills skyrocket, our water get more scarce and our grid SHATTERINGPEAK DEMAND RECORDS. We’re less safe than ever, and they’re profiting from our scarcity & vulnerability.


Bitcoin “mining” in

Texas has to stop

Texas is #1 in cryptomining and it’s HARMING local communities.  Reported symptoms from the low-frequency noise pollution include, but are not limited to :

Nosebleeds, vertigo, nausea, migraines, heart issues, sleep disruption, child behavioral issues, livestock distress, wildlife absconded, ER visits, and mental anguish.

And that’s not considering the utter decimation of property values.



The Texas Coalition Against Cryptomining

The TCAC is committed to shedding light on this secretive and opaque industry.  We’re working to educate the public, support sensible legislation and do everything in our power to STOP Bitcoin “mining” in the state of Texas.

We Don’t Have the Water

Everyone knows that Bitcoin “mining” uses an extreme amount of electricity, but what most people don’t know is that they also use an excessive amount of water as well.

Here in Texas, a drought-prone state with REAL industry & agriculture, it’s obscene that state & local officials ALLOW “miners” to squander our most precious resource.



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